Hello and welcome to my website!

I like to say I'm a South Dakota lifer; I was born and raised in this beautiful state and I don't plan on leaving. I enjoy many outdoor actives such as camping, hiking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, hunting and playing softball. Im married and we live on a small acreage outside of town with many animals running around. My family is amazing and I need them in my life everyday. I have the most remarkable friends that I am ever so grateful for.

I've always loved the art of photography since I was a young girl. I started out borrowing my mom’s film camera and slowly advanced to digital. In 2014 I attended and graduated from the Summer Intensive program at Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, MT. That summer changed my life for the better. This school taught me so much about photography, but more importantly I learned more about living a life that makes you happy. I was taught to live with less stress, find beauty in unlikely places, and see life and people differently through the lens of my camera.

My goal as a photographer is not to just snap a picture and print it out. I'm all about seizing life as it is on my camera. Documenting where you were at, what you were doing, and most importantly how you were feeling at that time and place. Being able to look at an image years later and relive those amazing emotions from graduating high school, marrying the love your life, or seeing your baby smile for the first time is what I strive for! I want every image to be special and to flood in good memories that you can treasure forever.









Photo credit to my very talented friend Ms. Shawna at www.Shawnakayceephotography.com